We have Vonage service at home. Like most Vonage customers, I was sickened to learn that both Verizon and Sprint/Nextel won their patent lawsuits against Vonage - seemingly proving that playing the patent bankroll game is a worthwhile endeavor if you've become so big and bloated that you can't compete on innovation, quality, or service.

Today I got an email from Vonage offering an additional 20% off for the whole year if I pay up front. That's $20/month for unlimited calling throughout the year. Now I realize this is just an attempt to drum up cash to pay Verizon so they can stay alive and that there is the inherent risk that Vonage won't be around for very much longer (an AT&T lawsuit is in the wings) - but I'm willing to give them a chance - especially if it saves me money and actually keeps the underdog afloat. It just angers me that my money is ending up in Verizon's pockets...

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