Sander asked me to post a list of bugs that I found as a result of working on my new theme. Here they are.

Mozilla Bugs

Bug 418164
Firefox 3 Regression: white-space:pre div forces browser window width
Bug 418305
Enhancement Request: Make Yellow-Screen-Of-Death Follow the Geneva Convention
<svg> elements respond to mouse events when they should not (Not Reported By Me, But Important)

WebKit Bugs

Bug 15214
SVG link with target="_top" opens new window (FIXED since r25729)
Bug 17423
Enhancement Request: Add support for xml:base
Bug 17424
WebKit Regression: SVG properly positioned only upon Redraw

My Own Fixes

  • Phil noticed that the side gradients weren't being displayed in Opera 9.2 or earlier builds of Opera 9.5. I've since "fixed" that by explicitly setting the height of the divs to be 100% (with top:0; bottom:0;).
  • Sander reported that there was an annoying horizontal scrollbar in Firefox (also was in Safari). This was a result of me trying to get the menu to display workably in all browsers, including IE. I have since fixed this.
  • Sander also pointed out that the &raquo; (and &laquo;) entity is being shown literally in Opera. This is actually the right thing for Opera to do since XHTML doesn't define any character references like HTML. I need to wrap my head around this and then either add the entity reference or update my WP theme. Haven't got to it yet.

Is it sick that I enjoyed putting the site together and tweaking it for all the various browsers out there?

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5 Comments to “Bugs From New Theme”

  1. David says:

    Why not using numeric entities or even UTF-8 characters for » (and «) instead of named entities ?

  2. Phil says:

    Click and hold one of the links on the top. The black border only is shown on the left, bottom, and right sides; not the top. Release to follow the link; then go back. The full border is then shown.

  3. @David: “I need to wrap my head around this and then either add the entity reference or update my WP theme

    Right – that’s what would be involved there. Changing WP’s theme from using &raquo; to »

  4. @Phil: Thanks. Opera puts this “focus” black border around SVG entities that have links. I think the issue is that I’d have to push my icons down a few pixels so that the top border is visible, but I haven’t played around with it yet.

    [Update: Ah, it’s the scaling – when you click in Opera, the icon is focused so it’s larger – that pushes the top of the black border outside of the frame. When you click the Back button, the icon is no longer enlarged, so the whole border can fit.]

    [Update 2: I modified my menu to shove the icons and labels down a few pixels to account for the animated scaling. ]

  5. An update on this: I now declare the &nbsp; &laquo; and &raquo; entities in my DTD declaration