Anybody out there do any Square Foot Gardening? I've built some frames and got the mix and plan to put them on the ground this weekend. I also have built a couple vertical trellises, but I'm puzzling (like this person) how the cage can work with vertical growing crops... Maybe I'll do what the first commenter did and just use the hardware cloth wall around the garden instead of a cage with a top - but I know there's a raccoon in the neighborhood that could probably climb that...

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  1. Candace says:

    I’ve been doing the high density planting for years — but never gave it a name. I make raised beds but don’t usually bother with the wooden frame around them.

    One trick to veggie thieves is growing enough so that you can spare what the raccoons take. Luckily (sadly?) there are no animals here — I haven’t even seen a worm except the few that came with the plants I transplanted from my old place. I wouldn’t mind seeing a squirrel or even a skunk, just to know they’re out there still.

    Good luck with the garden — what are you planning to grow?