I took 20 minutes and added a feature request to my SVG Web Stats web application tonight: Now you can switch the timeline graph from Traffic mode to Distribution mode, which shows the share of each browser on my site as a percentage of the total.

Continuing with the navel-gazing theme, some points I noted in my stats:

  • Opera and Safari now amount to 7-10% of my total unique visits
  • Since its release last month, Firefox 3 has about the same share as IE7, which was released over a year and a half ago (20% total)
  • IE has lost roughly 5% of total share on my site since I've started recording these statistics (this is my third year)
  • IE6 is still the browser version with the largest single share (roughly 30%). Give Firefox 3 a few more months though...
  • Virtually no one is using IE8 Beta 1, released over four months ago. I mean, way more people are using Firefox 3.1 pre-Alpha-1! I see at most one or two hits a week from IE8. Which makes sense because you can't install multiple copies of IE and there aren't very many cool things you can do with IE anyway.
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2 Comments to “Web Stats: Now With “MarketShare””

  1. stelt says:

    About marketshare. On my SVG link resource both IE and Mozilla hit 44% on the 2008 running total today. The first on the way down, the other on the way up.

  2. P.S. I just downloaded and installed Renesis 1.1.1. The web stats worked (sans SMIL) – but the “Distribution” mode crashed Renesis 1.1.1. After that, I couldn’t get the webstats app to work (I think because the data script isn’t getting loaded properly by Renesis now). I haven’t debugged what is specifically causing the crash but I filed a bug