Apparently Steve Ballmer has publicly stated that Microsoft plans to look into Webkit... that's news to me! Microsoft's browser needs to support modern web standards: HTML4, XHTML, CSS, SVG and as much HTML5 as is ready for deployment.

But Microsoft has also publicly been "looking into" SVG for years and years, so I'm not going to hold my breath.

These days, Internet Explorer is the last browser I look at... as long as all my textual content is actually visible, then that's just fine by me.

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2 Comments to “The Start Of Something Good?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I have a question about “161. animate-elem-60-t” test in your SVG support table. Did you know that access keys are available in Opera after Shift+Esc?

  2. This would put Opera in the last position as they have really been dragging their feet on CSS3.

    I agree, IE is always the last browser I open to test my work with. While IE8 has made a lot of progress IE9 will need to do the same just to finish catching up!

    If Microsoft can’t get application/xhtml+xml support, SVG support, and at *least* Gecko level of CSS3 support (namely properties and like everyone else now selectors) then there isn’t any point to continuing development.