To help kick off the new SVG community site, I thought I'd write up a tutorial and post it there. It's a quickie and it's maybe a couple years out of style, but it's got some pretty pictures: Gelcap Buttons in SVG. (Some people call these 'aqua buttons').

Disclaimer: The PlanetSVG website is still largely under construction, so please be gentle. Rob is working on a Drupal theme and we still have to plan out the overall flow of the site.

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2 Comments to “First Post!!1!”

  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Will You update your SVG support table for first Opera 10 alpha ( )? It’s support altGlyph element now and pass “111. text-altglyph-01-b” test or you will wait for beta or final version?

  2. Hello AC,

    Yes, O10 Alpha is on my list of user agents which I need to update for my svg-support chart (along with Firefox 3.1 Beta and a recent WebKit).