Happy AdaLoveLace Day to Shelley Powers. I happened to be browsing through some blogger's archives marveling at how many posts are just no longer intelligible (this and this are good examples). It's a shame that many of her older writings are no longer around (or are they?). Shelley's had an interesting life so far. I look forward to continuing to learn from her.

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6 Comments to “Happy AdaLovelace Day”

  1. Your link to Shelley is missing a ‘href’ value there, Jeff. 🙂 Feel free to delete this comment once fixed, don’t wanna be a nitpick.

  2. Thanks Alexis, fixed!

  3. Shelley says:

    Thank you so much, Jeff. Yes, with all my many moves between content management systems, I finally had to let older urls go missing. Most of the articles are still around, but you need to search on them to find them.

    I thought it was funny that Sam updated his posts with the missing URLs after you posted.

  4. Shelley – “The Parable Of Languages” was awesome, more please!

  5. Shelley says:

    Glad it can still please. I always had in mind two follow-ups. Might be fun to try.

  6. Ada Lovelace impressed me a lot when I was a little girl