Do not adjust your sets, today is CSS Naked Day. I decided to steal Sam Ruby's "naked trucker silhouette" this year. Sam has privately let me know that I cheat by using inline style, but sometimes I want to float my clipart left and sometimes I want to float it right. I guess I should turn those into classes. Will do so for next year. Oh well, Sam cheats too.

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3 Comments to “CSS Naked Day 2009”

  1. Ah, but your old pages still have a stylesheet (I read your post before I posted mine so I knew you had fixed the full-page object thing).

    Ew, I really need to fix my comments so the person’s name appears properly on Naked Day… next year

  2. Sam Ruby says:

    That’s just a caching thing. If I were to flush my entire cache, everything would be regenerated with the current template, sans style sheets. As it is, your mention of my prior page caused an excerpt to be made, causing that specific page to be regenerated.

    Tonight/tomorrow, I’ll switch my template back and only flush my most recent days. Over time (and within two weeks) everything will be refreshed.