[clipart]Like everyone else, it's become my turn to tell you how wrong everybody else is about the iPad and how right I am and why. Well, not really. I just thought I'd link to a few snippets and blather for a bit. You don't mind, do you? Read the rest of this entry ...

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[clipart]Robin Berjon posted about what his SVG 2.0 Wishlist would be. I think he used the hatchet a little too much, so I thought I'd give some feedback. Since he doesn't support comments (boo!) here we go. Read the rest of this entry ...

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[clipart]I decided to start publishing the percentage of web users who can view SVG/Canvas, starting with December 2009: 35.62%


P.S. I should mention that this figure does not take into account any user that has a SVG plugin installed or authors who have used the excellent SVG Web or ExplorerCanvas shims, so this is really a worst-case number.

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[SVG comic]

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[clipart]SVG-edit has far exceeded my expectations in the seven months since I've been working on it. The people I've met there have been amazing and it's been really fun to watch the project grow both in members and in capabilities. Without the people working on it, people like Alexis (now the top contributor) and wormsxulla (whip-cracker on UI translations) and others, there wouldn't be a project - that much is obvious. But would you like to know the secret sauce in the SVG-edit project? Of course you would. Read the rest of this entry ...

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