[clipart]I decided to start publishing the percentage of web users who can view SVG/Canvas, starting with December 2009: 35.62%


P.S. I should mention that this figure does not take into account any user that has a SVG plugin installed or authors who have used the excellent SVG Web or ExplorerCanvas shims, so this is really a worst-case number.

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2 Comments to “SVG Marketshare: Dec 2009”

  1. Mauriat says:

    About that SVG… maybe its just me, but any reason why the embedded SVG objects don’t render in Google Reader from your feed? I just see something like [clipart].

  2. Jeff says:

    Yeah – many feed readers don’t allow the <object> tag through to be rendered. This would allow Flash and many other things into the feed reader. Since I include my clipart using the HTML object tag, this is the result.

    If I inlined my SVG images into my Atom XML then some feed readers would show it.

    In any case, Google Reader does neither 🙁