[clipart]So Alexis and wormsxulla and all the translators and anyone who opened a bug against SVG-edit should really just be proud, because SVG-edit 2.4, codenamed Arbelos, is now released. Try out the DEMO now.

For those who have more time to kill, here are a couple screencasts I tried to make that demonstrate the new features:

And there's lots more coming in SVG-edit 2.5 (codenamed Bicorn) that we'll be talking about in the future.

To celebrate, here's another comic I made using SVG-edit (view full size):

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  1. marek says:

    Congratulations! Great release! Although localization does not covers also color picker tool, still great!!

  2. Hi marek,

    Yes – SVG-edit uses a 3rd party color picker, not so easy to localize yet: http://www.digitalmagicpro.com/jPicker/


  3. LoL…Congratulations Jeff! The screen casts are very informative and it’s a very solid editor…too bad I have no aesthetic graphic talent!

  4. Looking pretty sweet, Jeff! I love how the mouse cursor used on the resize handles get rotated if the shape itself is rotated.