I want to believe. SVG as an image format.Oh, I forgot to mention a cool thing that happened at the beginning of the year while I was so busy: Wikipedia inched a step closer to having an in-browser editing experience for its impressive collection of vector image files via an experimental MediaWiki Extension. The extension was put together by Brion Vibber of StatusNet and WikiMedia fame. Fingers crossed for this to one day appear in Wikipedia! 🙂

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2 Comments to “One step closer to image editing on Wikipedia”

  1. Jon Frost says:

    Thanks for the updates – this would definitely be a great addition to Wikipedia.

    The zoom&pan tool that Brad N. was working on would be a great additional as well, but I have not heard any updates on that for a while. \
    Best, Jon

  2. Mr. Boomf says:


    When do you update the SVG support table?