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Kind of an interesting month for raster image formats on the web! Apple just recently announced that iOS and Safari 14 supports the WebP image format. Yay - in roughly a year, we can use it everywhere on the web without needing to have a fallback solution (like using WASM to turn WebP into PNG/JPEG). Now we just have to wait for the rest of the ecosystem (image editors).

I guess next up is for Apple to get on board with the AVIF format, since Firefox and Chrome announced upcoming AVIF support just two days ago.

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1 Comment to “WebP Finally Arriving?”

  1. John Bilicki says:

    It doesn’t work in Waterfox 56, the only customizable browser left on the market (besides Pale Moon). That being said once my business is really going I’ll be sure to hire some browser developers to help me make an updated GUI that can switch rendering engines. I was just banished from Mozilla for defending my own bug report. Standards are important though if there aren’t any browsers I WANT to use they make little to no sense to me. Stack is also pretty bad.

    Any way on topic here: I haven’t messed much with the picture element and go figure IE11 doesn’t support the picture element though I have officially marked any browser that doesn’t support CSS variables as a legacy browser now. Using a picture element may compensate for the lack of WebP support though is there a polyfill available by chance? I haven’t looked too in-depth in to your GitHub link though if it is possible to convert a WebP image to a JPEG/PNG on the fly and insert it in to the DOM to replace the non-supported image I’d be open to officially implementing it in to my platform.