In case you missed it, Google Docs was recently upgraded with a Draw Chart capability. This was, in my opinion, the biggest reason to still use desktop software like Microsoft Office. The best part? It uses SVG to get the job done (and VML if you're still using IE). Bravo! Encore!

Thoughts on the future of this feature? Here are some things I want:

  • Please allow the author to extract the drawing as an SVG file from the service (currently Firebug is the only way I could figure out how).
  • Fill gradients (Linear and Radial), please

And yes, there are privacy concerns with an online (aka 'cloud') service like this - I'm not implying you should use this for everything - but for the occasional document that you want to use for collaboration, it really does the trick.

Now if only I could get them to update their Spreadsheet service so that I can use it offline...

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