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Although I never get as much done as I'd like to (or even expect to), Saturday I nailed back all the moulding (i.e. base trim) in the basement. Then, yesterday, I was able to trim the bottom off three of the wooden doors and re-install them. Why is it that using the circular saw (or any power tools for that matter) always instills me with a sense of manliness?

Anyway, we have to cut up some vinyl replacement tile for the basement kitchen and I'll have to trim the kitchen doors and re-install them, but we can now start moving furniture back into the basement and using it again. Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh glee!

On the development side, I converted all the teacher graphics into Windows bitmap format and worked a little more on my SdlGui::ImageButton class. I need to make the button resizable and then implement a "ViewTeacher" state and then, with a few more tweaks, I should be able to get the long-awaited Build 37 of "Ten Nights" published.

Late Saturday night after the kids went to sleep and Sam dozed off from sheer exhaustion, I had an unexpected surprise when I went online and after talking with Rob, we decided to have a game of Age of Empires (AoE as we call it). So I got myself some salty snacks, poured a couple fingers of single malt scotch (Caol Ila 12 year) and found myself building armies to destroy enemy villages. Suddenly it felt like it was 2001 again and I wasn't married and and I didn't have a house that needed work and I didn't have two kids. That is, until Joshua had a few bouts of restless slumber and I had to pause the game and take care of him. Nevertheless, it was a great time and a break well-needed. It was also good because it reminded both of us why we loved games and look forward to GDC this year.

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