I got an email today from Buy.com advertising a pre-order of "The Incredibles" DVD (2-Disc Collector's Edition) for $17 USD (free shipping), so I had to do it. Click here to do it too!

My wife and I got to see this movie in the theaters around Thanksgiving time as we had her relatives visiting and they could look after the kids for us. It was the second movie we'd seen since the babies were born and we both really enjoyed it (the first being "Spider-Man 2", which we also really enjoyed, moreso than the first Spiderman) . Great story, great direction, great (voice) acting, great pacing and great animation.

Although it had to have cost over $17 USD for the both us to see it in the theater ONCE, I still say that the theater-going experience still has something to offer. Unless you have a really suped-up home theater set-up and you watch the movie the first time with a lot of your friends (who also are watching it for the first time), you really can't capture that special feeling.

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  1. Rob says:

    I took my daughter to see The Incredibles, we both liked it. I could have done without the $4 bottle of water… I think my favourite effect (as a geek) was the hair. Detail like that wasn’t feasible a few years ago.