...well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Anyway, I updated my website style a little. If you still see a blue background on http://www.codedread.com/, you need to refresh your stylesheet (shift-click on Reload/Refresh in most browsers). Hopefully it looks a little better. Still need to get the forums looking similar to the main site and this blog.

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1 Comment to “Extreme Site Makeover”

  1. Jason says:

    It looks nice except the remaining blue background on the title text and links on the left. Also, if you’re thinking of updating the style on the blog, I would change the font. I don’t know what the WordPress developers were thinking using this default font, but it is really hard on the eyes to read. The character spacing is really tight. They picked a better font in version 1.5. IMHO

  2. Jason,

    Sounds like your browser doesn’t yet support SVG (since you’re probably seeing my old raster graphics). My advice is to update your browser to support SVG. Instructions under my “News” section or you can talk to Rob to see what SVG is all about.

    I whipped up this new CSS in about half an hour and changed the background on my SVG masthead and nav pane, but I haven’t updated my raster graphics just yet (can’t while at work – no Photoshop). Anyway, I’ll make that change eventually. I will try to look into the font on WP too…

  3. Jason, I decided to just rasterize the SVG images into PNGs for those people without SVG capabilities. The only difference when viewing without an SVG-enabled browser now is that you can’t see the fancy mouseover effects…and let me know what you think about the blog font. It feels too big at the moment but I may get used to it…

  4. Jason says:

    Ah, yes the SVG plugin. I tried it with IE6 and Adobe. I only get shaded rectangles, sorry. I don’t have firefox setup, just Mozilla and there’s no plugin for that.

    The font looks better, but you’re right it does seem a little big, well just a little too bold. I think it may be a matter of changing the font altogether, not just the size… it could just be me.. anyone?

  5. Candace says:

    I agree with Jason, the font definitely needs changing. This one is too bold. The lighter font you’ve used for the comments is easier to read. This is the default font for wordpress though isn’t it? I’ve been looking for something I like before I put my wp blog up . . . maybe I’ll just wait and see what you do.

  6. Mauriat says:

    Sorry for being the late comer, but finally!!. I’m really unbiased, but I’m glad it no longer looks like ‘yawb’ (yet another wordpress blog). Some people might find a different word for ‘w’. 🙂