So I finally crystallized all my new hard-won JavaScript, DOM and SVG knowledge into a simple proof-of-concept game. Any guesses on what game I implemented for my first go? One hint: It has to do with falling blocks...

Anyway, you will need a browser that supports viewing and scripting of SVG (either download the Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in or Mozilla Deer Park). If you run the game in Mozilla, I definitely recommend to turn off some of the effects as Mozilla's SVG implementation is slow compared to Adobe's.

I may do some minor enhancements (a star field effect, persistent high scores stored on the server) but I consider the game largely complete and polished. Let me know if you find any bugs or you have any suggestions. Try it here: You can compare it to the original SVG Tetris, created by Alex Fritze which served as a source of some inspiration.

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