I came across Jamie's blog after he left a comment on my SVG Solitaire post. Apparently he's been a little busy with SVG too. If you've got 10 minutes and the Firefox 1.5 browser, why not go try a game of Worm SVG.

Great work! Feature Requests:

  1. Make it work in IE+ASV. Keyboard input didn't work for me.
  2. Make 'P' pause the game - useful if someone interrupts you at work, ahem...
  3. Make the worm and dots a little less blocky, more sexy, this is vector graphics after all. At least make the worm a "polyline" and use stroke-linecap="round". Or maybe a "path" so that you only have to change one "d" attribute every time you move the worm...
  4. Make it work faster in Opera 9 TP1 (if possible), see polyline/path idea above
  5. Make a server-side high score tracker (I've been trying to figure out how to do this in a hack-proof way myself)

My record (after 3 tries) was 200 points.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hey cuz! Like I understand anything here…yeah, no. I’ve been blogging too…but about knitting…lol.

  2. jamie says:

    heh… I’ll see what I can do 😉 I’ve thought about different ways to have a server-side score tracking system for various things, but like you said – never could figure out how to make it unhackable. Maybe some combination of a javascript blowfish implementation and https to get the key. But then again, the score could probably be manipulated before its sent anyway, which is ultimately going to be the problem.