I like Konqueror 3.5.5, I think it's come a long way, but I've been getting crashes every so often when playing some more complicated SVG samples, so I really want to have Firefox or Opera as my default browser for those times when I'm using Akregator and click on a link in a feed. I couldn't figure out in OpenSUSE 10.2 how to change my default browser through YaST, but I did discover on the internet that KDE has its own application to control its settings: kcontrol.

Updating the SUSE Start Menu

Maybe it's already somewhere else on the Start menu, feel free to let me know in the comments, but I added this to my System menu by:

  • Right-clicking on my start menu and choosing "Menu Editor"
  • Right-clicking on the "System" menu and choosing "New Item"
  • Typing "kcontrol" for the item name, its Description as "KDE Settings", its command as "kcontrol"
  • Clicking the default icon and entering "kcontrol" in the search box to find the icon

Konfiguring KDE

Once invoked, kcontrol allows you to tweak a variety of settings within KDE (including turning menu transparency, animation effects, changing icons, themes, etc). To change the default web browser, click on "KDE Components" and then "Component Chooser". From the submenu, click "Web Browser" and selecting the "In the following browser" radio button. Click the "..." button and choose Firefox or Opera under Internet > Web Browser.

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