Via svg-developer mailing list, Adobe has announced that they will keep the Adobe SVG Viewer browser plugin available to download from their site indefinitely (redacting their earlier announcement to remove the download in 2009). This is good news for SVG:

In response to customer feedback, Adobe has extended download
availability once again for Adobe SVG Viewer.

Adobe does not currently have plans to remove Adobe SVG Viewer from
the download area.

Thank you, Adobe!

This news comes right after the official SVG Logo has been chosen by a bunch of companies invested in SVG. Looking at the finalists, I have to say I love Joshua Warren's 3rd place designs (especially the 4th column of orange ones). Oh well, the contest is over and the new logo is this 8-point lotus thing by Harvey Rainer. I have to admit that this logo is nice, though I can't find any good SVG versions of it yet. The design present at is very boring at the moment, but the animated one at the bottom of this page is kinda cool, even if he does, ironically, use Flash.

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