Here are a few links to keep you busy:

  • There appears to be a formal agreement established between Microsoft and Novell to develop and support the Linux-based version of Microsoft's Silverlight, called Moonlight.
  • Speaking of Microsoft, Alex Russell of Dojo speaks of how poorly the Microsoft IE team has communicated future plans. I agree. It's not a way to build trust among web developers who you've pissed off for so long. Where's the news on the next version of IE after 7?
  • Speaking of web browsers, Apple announced the iPodTouch, which will soon put WiFi web browsing capabilities (via Safari) into the hands of many a music geek. Couple that with the iPhone now selling for $200 less and I believe that Safari is soon going to be one of the most widely used browsers out there in the Mobile Web, competing head-to-head with the Opera Mini. When Safari 3 gets out of Beta and is distributed to its millions of users, we'll suddenly see a huge increase in the number of users that can view SVG.
  • Speaking of Opera, I mentioned yesterday that Opera 9.5 Alpha 1 was out. Here are some interesting performance results, though Mozilla evangelist Asa Dotzler is quick to point out that Opera still lacks an auto-update feature.

That's it for now.

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2 Comments to “Following the Trail”

  1. First publicly available Alpha to me means “Alpha 1”.

    sheesh! 🙂