My wife was watching TV in the other room and suddenly I heard Feist's 1 2 3 4 (that I wrote about only a couple weeks ago). We saw Apple's new commercial twice tonight for the colourful iPod nano. Looks like much bigger exposure for Feist.

For me, I'm still holding out on buying an Apple product - it's not a boycott, it's just that I already have a free mobile phone and a cheap DAP. We'll see how the iPodTouch fares - that might be what I need (an audio player that lets me browse the web over WiFi). Some may claim that it makes more sense to spring for the iPhone because the iPhone is only $100 more - but it's the 2-year AT&T chokehold that I dislike...

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  1. haphey says:

    Now I like the latest model iPod Touch , which looks like iphone,except calling,but very cheapter than iphone.So I would rather to buy iPod Touch.