With the announcement of Microsoft sponsoring the SVG Open 2009 conference - we now have almost every browser manufacturer participating in some way with the conference. That's a pretty awesome achievement!

I think you should do your best to make it to this conference. It's Oct 2-4 in Mountain View, California (at the Google Crittenden Campus). So just register already. You don't have much time.

We've got keynotes by Brad Neuberg of Google talking about the SVG Web project, Erik Dahsltröm of Opera and Sam Ruby. We've got talks on Raphaël, AmpleSDK, and dojo.gfx.

There will be panel discussions with Implementors (Mozilla, WebKit, Opera, and many others) and the SVG Working Group. There are separate sessions on SVG in Opera, in Mozilla, in Android.

There are talks about SVG usage in important web projects like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap as well as talks from tool makers such as Inkscape and OpenOffice.

If you have an extra day, consider attending the Workshops on the Monday to get some hands-on experience with toolkits (the afore-mentioned Raphaël and Dojo.gfx), tools (Inkscape) and animation (SMIL) among others.

And oh yeah, in case you missed it up top, I'll say it again: Microsoft is sponsoring and will be attending! Microsoft has long been the sole hold-out among desktop browsers in supporting SVG. So while Opera, Mozilla and others have long been supporters of SVG - it's Microsoft's sponsorship and attendance that might be seen as an eyebrow-raising event. Let's keep the speculation to a minimum, shall we?

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4 Comments to “Now We Have A Party”

  1. marek says:

    Hi Jeff, I failed to contact you via email, it’s not possible to deliver it…

    I tried to send you this email:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’, interested in participation on planetsvg.com , is it possible?

    I like form time to time to create something small in SVG or update some demo and I’m looking for place where to publish them and planet svg is great, really. Fine site, truly.

    My old svg dedicated page ( http://svg.kvalitne.cz/index2.htm ) is out of date and what’s wrong, I lost credentials to FTP access so it is dead for me 🙁

    Recently I’m interested in experimenting with some old demos and making them runnable in Opera/Chrome and when possible, even FFX 3.6 nightlies with SMIL ON…

    … of course, always with proper copyright and link to original author & site…

    Some of my experiments in attachment – good old demo digging animation by Antoine, which is broken in all those three mentioned browsers – updated a bit hastily, but works great now everywhere… or good old clock from adobe… (not possible to upload it there, of course…)

    Thx for letting me know the possibilities…


  2. Thanks for the heads up about Microsoft, it’s a really encouraging sign to see them sponsoring the event! They clearly have their eyes set on improving JavaScript (or whatever else people prefer to call it) support though have only lightly hinted at XHTML support so here’s hoping for a well rounded IE9 beta reasonably soon!

  3. mabdul says:

    hey jeff,

    when will you update the svg-support-table again?



  4. Hi mabdul – when I have something interesting to report, probably :/