This was my first experience as a conference organizer. It was fun. It was scary. It was too much work. Don't know if I'll do it again, but I certainly learned a lot.

I met a lot of people, almost all for the first time face-to-face. I listened to a lot of amazing talks. I missed too many talks because of the parallel tracks 🙁

Didn't connect with Webkit guys the way I would have liked, but did have some good meals with Opera and Mozilla folk. Great times. Wish there had been more time for shmoozing and geeking out.

I came away feeling pretty good about Microsoft and SVG. I felt even better about Google and SVG. Brad really came through for us in a lot of ways.

Apple who?

I also felt pretty good about the reception to some of my pet projects that I'm working on as part of my SVG Interest Group efforts: Scour and SVG-edit. Both of which were mentioned in several other talks before I even got a chance to talk about them. Hoping to have lots of progress to talk about next year...

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3 Comments to “My SVG Open Experience”

  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    It was an awesome experience! I was sad when I said goodbye to all of you guys on Sunday after spending so much time organizing and working together! The runup to the conference (and organizing the keynote and everything that went into that) was definitely alot of work; I’ve been catching my breath since then 🙂

  2. stelt says:

    I Totally loved it: was part of awesome team, met great people, saw SVG blossom.

    The theme “SVG coming of age” turned out to be an evangelizing personal milestone.

    Needed as earlier SVG coding could feel like working around issues blindfolded.

    I will now spend much more time coding.

    Looking forward to (codebase) cooperation and implementing (technical) ideas.

    I have plenty of ideas, raising income is one.

    Next SVG Open i want to present, girlfriend wants to join and shop 🙂

    But first a catch of breath maybe?;

    Haven’t been home enough since to organize all that came from my suitcase!

  3. Yeah, I got really sad for losing this years conference… :-|

    I still wonder if photos/videos about the conference will be published, though (I’m curious!). 🙂