[clipart]After updating my SVG Support chart I thought I'd tweak the colors of my site just a tad. I promise it won't last...

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11 Comments to “New Theme: Pumpkin Vomit”

  1. Thales Caravana says:

    Congrats, man. You do a great work spreading SVG! =D

    P.S.: Remember to change the date, up in the chart. Here it shows 2009-03-29.

  2. marek says:

    Thx for updating you table and new theme is funny, although fonts are really hard to read in all sections except of blog…

  3. Shelley says:

    Orange is a happy color.

    IE makes a nice visual break. A simple, solid red bar, to interrupt the fragmented color bars of all the other browsers. How zen-like of Microsoft.

  4. @Thales – done, thanks.

    @marek – I have now removed the @font-face experimentation, sorry.

    @Shelley – agreed. I will almost miss it in a couple years…

  5. I like the new theme, great job! The pumpkin is nicely detailed too! Your detailed SVG support table is INSANE! I wonder if we’ll get IE9 beta 1 within the next six months? Hopefully they’ll make it really easy to implement SVG via (X)HTML and CSS!

  6. @John: As always, I’ll cross my fingers. However, IE8 Beta came out almost exactly 1.5 years after IE7 was released. Since IE8 was released in March of this year, that would set the arrival of IE9 at Oct of 2010 ๐Ÿ™

    They have said they intend to pick up the pace, so let’s hope yours is closer to the mark!

  7. Great work Jeff, especially nice to see how the SMIL development is coming along and how SVG Web fares among other plugins. Will certainly be keeping a close eye on how it develops.

    Thanks for keeping this excellent resource up to date!

    Oh, and maybe you should add one of those beautiful red IE bars for Webkit/Android, might help raise some awareness on that disappointing decision to not include SVG support…

  8. @Alexis: You have a good point on Webkit/Android and Webkit/WebOS (Palm Pre). If I had those other two phones (or even an iPod Touch) that would be even better ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. marek says:

    Jeff, thank you for your nice Halloween theme – it reminded me of old Eric’s SVG Jack-o-lantern demo and I updated it to work properly in Gecko/Webkit/Presto, and it is still great!



  10. gz says:

    Hey, that pumpkin thing is pretty fun. Save is only an XMLSerializer away, though I couldn’t resist then poking the source a lot more. What I drew:


    Something I’d not realised before is that accidentally using the wrong scour parameters leads to greatness:


  11. @gz ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess that was turning the precision down low?