I'm writing this quick entry as a desparate plea out there: Anyone who has an hour or two and knows some XUL-fu skills, can you please take a look at my FXPointer extension? This thing worked fine in Firefox 3.0, but unfortunately some change in Firefox 3.5 causes FXPointer to completely break the location bar. Every time I've tried to debug this problem, I've failed and I don't have a lot of time these days to work it out.

If someone thinks they can help out, please download the XPI (using a different browser than Firefox), rename to .zip, unzip and start hacking. WARNING: This breaks the location bar in Firefox 3.5 - do not enable the add-on unless you're going to help debug the problem.

Conceptually it's pretty straightforward. In the content/fxpointer.xml XBL file, I bind to the id="urlbar" and then modify the onTextEntered() method.

I put the source code up on a Google Code Project to make it easier for hackers to get the source.

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  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    I always forget that you are a hypertext geek like me as well; did you know I worked on the Hyperscope project as well as Purple Include to try to bring transclusions for the web? Not sure if we talked about that. We should remember the next time we meet up to geek out on hypertext.

    FXPointer is cool; unfortunately my XUL hacking skills have atrophied over the years and I haven’t created a Mozilla extension for a long time.

  2. Ah, cool – we did not talk about this. Next time! 🙂