I was thinking of setting up a bug tracker for a personal project that might have random users. I'd like to have a way for users to report bugs with as little friction as possible, but with something more than an email or a post on a mailing list. Basically a link I can send a user to. Github? Jira? Something better? Are there any good issue trackers that allow multiple identity systems?

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  1. John Bilicki says:

    I will be building a bug reporting system for my platform at some point (there is a bit already built though I don’t actively need it yet). The main problem with bug reporting systems is that FIRST! mentality needs to be completely obliterated. A late quality bug report is always much more desirable over a crappy early report and when I have justification to resume work on my bug reporting system that will be one of my highest priorities.

    You could technically use Stackoverflow and while there are some great people at that site there are also a LOT of trolls with moderator privileges so I can’t recommend it in good conscience. That is more of an issue of the lack of good judgement and leadership.

    I’ve used Trello and plan on building something visually like it in to my system. I like the left-to-right flow of tasks, at least for an overview of all bugs. I’d probably recommend Trello though you know I’m not big on third parties as I just build everything myself. ︀

  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks John – I’ve used kanban tools in the past and they are helpful for planning/tracking work, but I’m really looking for just the bug tracking part of it. I’ll look at Trello and see what the friction is for signing up and all that.